Personal Insurances

For those of you who’ve experienced the challenges of poor health, job loss or the loss of a loved one, you’ll know that the last thing you need
on top of everything is financial stress.

Enquire about Personal Insurances.


Protection… and peace of mind

Insurance is the safety net you need when things go wrong, whether it is through illness, injury, loss of income or loss of a loved one. Having insurance protection will give you the peace of mind to make it through these traumatic and challenging times. Life insurance and income protection will not only protect you but they will also ensure your loved ones are protected during times of strife and hardship.

We’ll make sure you’re covered

Oncore Wealth Solutions provides a simple step by step process to ensure you have financial assistance to protect yourself and your loved ones during times of need. The expert team will customise a solution to meet your unique needs and circumstances, so that you are covered for exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Contact the team at Oncore Wealth Solutions for more information.