Umbrella Payroll

Oncore is able to act as your Umbrella company when you contract in the UK, which means you can have ‘permanent employment’ while still enjoying the huge benefits of contracting.

An Umbrella company is a service that allows you to be classified as a ‘permanent employee’, where you carry out assignments in your various contract placements.  Running your work under an Umbrella company allows us to take care of your pay, invoicing, expenses, and tax returns, so all you have to do is submit a timesheet.

Why choose an umbrella company?

If you are new to contracting or well established; choosing an umbrella solution for your contract role will help take away the hassle of payroll administration, taxes and compliance risk; so you can focus on what you do best and earn to your full potential.

What's included

> Invoicing Payroll
Simply submit your timesheets and we’ll handle the invoicing and debtor chasing, to ensure you get paid on time, every time.

> Tax Compliance
Oncore as your employer will make all necessary PAYE and National Insurance contributions on your behalf.

> Full Employee Insurance Cover
£3m Professional Indemnity, £5m Public Liability, £10m Employers Liability.

> Occupational Expense Packaging
Increase your take-home pay through genuine pre-tax reimbursement of occupational expenses e.g. Living and Travel allowances, Laptop, Mobile Phone.

> Pension
Oncore can contribute to a private pension policy of your choice and is set up to comply with Auto-Enrolment legislation.

> Online Account Management
Have full visibility of your contractor revenue, download payslips and manage your expenses through Oncore’s online client management system.

> Contractor Care Team
A dedicated Account Manager and Client Service Team to look after all contractor queries from reviewing your contract to payroll queries.

> Flexible Solution
No sign up or close down fees and no minimum length of contract. Management fees are charged only whilst you actively contract.