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Why are leading organisations leveraging and growing their flexible, on-demand workforce? 

How are the biggest brands managing their talent and skills shortage?

"We have never been in a better time, in history, to be able to change the workforce." - Adam Walker

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The future is a connected workforce that spans the globe and allows businesses to tap into the skills and talent they need on demand. But on-demand does not mean unplanned.

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Meet your hosts

Podcast Profile pic - Damian

Damian Bridge

CEO - Oncore Services

Damian is the CEO of Oncore - a world leader in contingent workforce management and payments. Damian has over 25 years in C-level and executive roles in large national staffing solution businesses. He has lead ASX listed Skilled Group, a $3B organisation who engaged over 25,000 contractors daily, in varying Executive General Management roles including Chief Operating Officer - Workforce Services, responsible for over 7,000 contractors and 400 permanent staff. 

His experience also spans the Financial Services sector where he managed a major practice providing legal, accounting, financial planning and risk management services to over 4000 professionals and business owners.

Podcast Profile pic - Craig

Craig Watson

Founder Recstra and ITA, Host of TaPOD

Craig Watson is the co-host and founder of a successful Top#50 Podcast for Talent and HR executives, TaPod. Along with Lauren Sharp, he runs the Australian Talent industry’s first awards program called the ITAs (Internal Talent Awards). 

Craig has a proven background in Recruitment, Consulting, Training & Senior Management building a strong network and career over 20+ years in Australia, UK & Asia.

Craig is passionate about innovation and technology and has consulted to leading organisations to achieve flexible and effective outcomes for their recruitment needs.

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Welcome to the first episode of Flexing Up - The Future of Work. 
A podcast series on the contingent and on-demand workforce and how we can enable and manage the rapidly changing nature of work.