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Australia’s Most In-Demand Jobs for 2023

Published 9th February 2023

LinkedIn has released its Jobs on The Rise 2023 list, revealing the roles that have experienced the highest growth in Australia over the past five years. 

IT and Engineering has had the fastest rise, taking up almost half of the top 25 jobs in demand for 2023. 

Researchers examined millions of jobs undertaken by LinkedIn members from January 1st 2018 to July 31st 2022 to understand the growth rate for each job title. 

LinkedIn career expert, Cayla Dengate believes the job market in Australia has shown ‘considerable growth within the professional services industry.’ There has been an increased emphasis on technical upskilling across most industries, particularly those in professional services such as information technology and business.

It is hoped that a national focus on upskilling locally will help to bridge the talent gap we are currently experiencing. Until then, it is expected that the pay rate for these in demand skills will continue to be considerably high through the year, even if it’s thought they had reached their peak during the pandemic. 

The data identifies potential trends which are defining the future of work and provide insights for companies into where long term opportunity lies and where the workforce is headed.

Many of the roles in these in demand sectors are often found in agile environments where skills can be brought in as required to fill a need. Those in technology and engineering as well as business transformation will tend to hire in highly skilled contractors to keep their key projects going through, despite the overall economic climate. 

Here is the complete list of the most in-demand job titles on LinkedIn’s 2023 Jobs on the Rise:

  1. Technical Program Manager
  2. Clinical Exercise Physiologist 
  3. Site Reliability Engineer
  4. Sales Development Representative
  5. Platform Engineer
  6. Growth Specialist
  7. Claims Adjuster
  8. Machine Learning Engineer
  9. Sustainability Manager
  10. Enterprise Account Executive
  11. Cyber Security Analyst
  12. Crime Analyst
  13. Data Engineer
  14. Job Coach
  15. Cloud Engineer
  16. Customer Success Manager
  17. Client Associate
  18. Business Development Representative
  19. Health Assistant
  20. Service Desk Engineer
  21. Delivery Consultant
  22. Cyber Security Engineer
  23. Finance Associate
  24. Product Designer
  25. Technology Project Manager

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