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Oncore-post-201910-post-3-img-1-350x175-3At Oncore, our goal is to inspire and enable the global workforce to enjoy the freedom of contracting and flexible work.


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Jacqui GrahamFebruary 9, 20246 min read

Australia's fastest growing jobs 2024

A staggering 76% of Australian workers are considering pursuing a new job in 2024 according to Linkedin's recent research (drawn from the profile information of LinkedIn's 800 million members around the world).

No longer overly cautious about the prospect of a career move in economic uncertainty, this new Linkedin data shows that job search activity on Linkedin is continuing to increase year on year, with 16% more job applications in 2023 compared to 2022.

Cayla Dengate, LinkedIn’s career expert explains….

“In 2024, we are seeing professionals taking back control and moving to the driver’s seat when it comes to their careers. However, with more people looking for jobs this year, competition is going to be tough. Standing out from the crowd is now more important than ever. Investing in building your professional profile, highlighting how your skills are relevant to your desired job and staying on top of industry trends will improve your chances of finding the right opportunity,” 

Adapting skills for tomorrow's jobs, today

The new data highlights that skills for jobs have already changed 24% since 2015 and are expected to change a massive 65% globally by 2030 driven by the rapid advancements in AI.  Over the past year, workers have been forced to adapt and be more nimble than ever before to succeed in this new world of work.  Being flexible, agile, and capable of adjusting their approach, strategies and processes as needed are essential ‘soft’ skills to thrive in this new dynamic and fast-paced environment.   Entire industries are going digital and the rise of remote work is fundamentally changing the nature of how we work, and as a result ambitious professionals really need to adapt and continually progress to stay relevant.  Read more on the Importance of Continuing Education and Professional Development for Contractors.

Motivating factors for job search

The need for higher wages (49%) in a challenging economic environment and the desire for better work-life balance (33%) are the biggest motivators for Australian professionals to change their jobs. The data highlighted that they are also open to exploring new career paths, with 52% of professionals actively seeking opportunities outside their current industry or role.

So what are the jobs to look out for in 2024?

LinkedIn has released its highly anticipated Jobs on The Rise 2024 list, offering valuable insights into the fastest-growing roles in Australia over the past five years. This comprehensive list serves as a guiding light for job seekers, providing invaluable direction for career planning and skills development while highlighting long-term opportunities in the job market.

With Cybersecurity Analysts claiming the top spot this year, boasting an impressive growth rate of over 57 percent, it's evident that the focus and future of work is rapidly evolving.  Read more on the role contractors can play in cybersecurity here.

 The listed roles are showing a much greater focus on tech, health and HR - with a real emphasis shining through on the importance of companies nurturing the relationships they have with their employees.  

We were surprised to find that AI-related roles, such as Data and Integration Engineers, ranked lower on the list. However, the data used for compiling the list spans five years, and considering that AI has only recently gained mainstream traction in the past 12 months, it's highly probable that these roles will significantly shoot up in the coming years.

Many of the roles in these in demand sectors are often found in agile environments where highly skilled contractors are being brought in as required to fill an immediate need with their specialised expertise and flexibility.


Here is the complete list of job titles from LinkedIn’s 2024 Jobs on the Rise data:

25 fastest-growing jobs in Australia 2024

1.  CYBERSECURITY ANALYST:  Cybersecurity professional responsible for monitoring and responding to security incidents to safeguard IT infrastructure and data.  

Top location hiring: Melbourne 

2.  CRIME ANALYST:  Specialising in identifying, investigating and preventing financial crimes.  

Top location hiring: Sydney

3.  WORKPLACE SPECIALIST:  Professional responsible for managing and facilitating various aspects of an office environment and support employees and visitors 

Top location hiring: Brisbane 

4.  SUSTAINABILITY MANAGER:  Responsible for developing and implementing strategies to promote environmental and social responsibility within an organisation while ensuring economic viability. 

Top location hiring: Sydney

5.  AUDIOLOGIST:  Healthcare professional who specialises in diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders. 

Top location hiring: Sydney 

6.  BUYER'S AGENT:  Real estate professional who works on behalf of homebuyers to assist in finding, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of properties.  

Top location hiring: Sydney

7.  ENERGY DIRECTOR:  Overseeing energy-related strategies, which may include energy procurement, sustainability efforts and investments. 

Top location hiring: Sydney

8.  DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION SPECIALIST:  Responsible for promoting diversity and inclusion within an organisation by developing and implementing initiatives, policies and training programs aimed at fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace.  

Top location hiring: Melbourne

9.  CLINICAL CARE MANAGER:  Healthcare professional responsible for overseeing and coordinating the medical and patient care services in a clinical setting, ensuring the quality and efficiency of patient care 

Top location hiring: Sydney 

10.  GROWTH SPECIALIST:  Expert in developing and implementing strategies to drive an organisation's growth and expansion through marketing, sales and business development efforts 

Top location hiring: Sydney 

11.  EMPLOYEE RELATIONS SPECIALIST:  Professional focused on managing and enhancing relationships between an organisation and its employees, addressing workplace conflicts and ensuring compliance with laws 

Top location hiring: Brisbane 

12.  PARTNERSHIP COORDINATOR:  Responsible for facilitating collaborations with external partners to achieve mutual goals and objectives 

Top location hiring: Sydney 

13.  PLATFORM ENGINEER:  Professional who designs, builds and maintains the technical infrastructure and platform on which applications and services run, ensuring scalability, reliability and performance

Top location hiring: Sydney 

14.  INTEGRATION ENGINEER:  Managing the integration of various software systems and applications within an organisation.

Top location hiring: Sydney

15.  ENGINEERING OFFICER:  A supervisory role responsible for managing and overseeing engineering projects, teams and technical activities within an organisation

Top location hiring: Sydney 

16.  CUSTOMER SUCCESS SPECIALIST:  Dedicated to ensuring customers achieve value and satisfaction with a product or service

Top location hiring: Sydney 

17.  CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER:  Senior executive responsible for overseeing an organisation's human resources and talent management strategies 

Top location hiring: Sydney 

18.  HOUSING OFFICER:  Responsible for managing and overseeing housing-related matters, such as social housing allocation, tenancy management and support for residents within a housing authority 

Top location hiring: Melbourne 

19.  ELECTRICAL DESIGN ENGINEER:  An expert who specialises in creating and developing electrical systems, components and circuits for various applications and industries 

Top location hiring: Adelaide 

20.  DATA ENGINEER:  A professional responsible for designing, building and maintaining the data infrastructure and architecture needed to process, store and analyse large volumes of data within an organisation 

Top location hiring: Sydney

21.  CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER:  Responsible for developing and executing communication strategies that promote and protect an organisation's reputation through media relations and internal communications 

Top location hiring: Sydney 

22.  CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER:  A high-level executive who leads an organisation's product development and innovation strategies, overseeing the entire product lifecycle from conception to market delivery 

Top location hiring: Sydney

23.  HEALTH ADVISOR:   Professional aiming to keep people safe at work by developing and enforcing health and safety policies and procedures

Top location hiring: Sydney

24.  QUALITY ADVISOR:  Specialist responsible for ensuring that an organisation's products or services meet established quality standards and compliance requirements

Top location hiring: Sydney

25.  CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATOR:  A professional who calculates the costs associated with construction projects including materials, labour and market forces to provide accurate project budget estimates 

Top location hiring: Sydney


Oncore is a global company specialising in support and payment solutions for professional contractors, recruiters and corporates - all backed by our leading technology and infrastructure.  Whether you are a professional looking to change roles or explore contracting, a recruiter preparing to find and manage the highly skilled candidates for these new roles or a company looking for workforce management advice, then please do contact our team today