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Remote worker
Jacqui GrahamNovember 2, 20234 min read

Mastering Remote Workforce Management: a 9 step guide


Despite it being nearly two years since the pandemic lockdowns, job seekers in Australia continue to show a very strong desire for remote work.  In Oncore’s State of Contracting survey 2023 an overwhelming 93% of the 600+ respondents said their preference would be for remote work or a hybrid set up of remote and office work.

So is it any wonder that companies looking to attract top talent in a competitive market are actively embracing this shift in work culture in order to remain at the forefront of attracting and retaining the very best people.  According to ‘Economic Research’ by Indeed, a record high of more than one-in-eight Australian job postings now mention phrases like ‘work from home’ or ‘work remotely’ in their job descriptions to cater to the demands of the top candidates they wish to recruit.

This shift to remote work is a significant change in the world of business and means that the successful management of this remote workforce is now more crucial than ever for companies to master.  

The 9 Steps to Success

1.  Define Clear Expectations

One of the first steps in remote workforce management is to establish clear expectations for both employees and management to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Establish comprehensive job descriptions that outline the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for each remote employee.
  • Clearly define goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and evaluate employee performance.
  •  Detail expectations regarding working hours, availability, and response times to ensure complete alignment.  Effective communication regarding roles and responsibilities is key. 

2.  Foster a Culture of Trust and Accountability

Trust is a fundamental aspect of remote work success. When employees know they're trusted and accountable for their tasks, it leads to increased motivation and productivity.

  • Adopt a results-oriented approach, emphasising the importance of achieving goals and tasks over micro-managing and monitoring the amount of hours worked.
  • Promote open and transparent communication channels for employees to report progress and obstacles.
  • Recognise and reward employees for their achievements and contributions to foster a sense of accountability and appreciation.

3.  Invest in Technology and Tools

Embrace and encourage the use of all the technology there now is to support remote work

  • Provide your remote employees with essential tools, such as secure communication platforms (like Slack or Microsoft Teams), project management software (such as Asana or Trello), and video conferencing solutions (e.g., Zoom).
  • Ensure that employees fully understand and receive training on these tools to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency in remote work.

4.  Maintain Regular Communication

Effective communication really is the linchpin of remote workforce success. to promote a sense of connection and help address any issues or concerns in a timely manner.

  • Schedule regular one-on-one check-ins with your remote employees to discuss progress, challenges, and career development.  This enables you to address any issues or concerns immediately as and when they arise..
  • Conduct team meetings to maintain a sense of unity, connection and shared purpose, even in a virtual environment.
  • Use communication tools for both work-related discussions and casual interactions to strengthen relationships and maintain connections.

5.  Prioritise Employee Well-being

Promote a culture that values well-being and supports a healthy work-life balance.  

  • Encourage employees to take regular breaks and set clear boundaries to prevent overwork and burnout.
  • Provide resources for mental health support, stress management, and work-life balance, including access to counselling or well-being programs.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through wellness initiatives and activities, even in a remote setting.

6.  Data Security and Compliance

It’s important to highlight the importance of, and closely monitor adherence to data security and compliance. 

  • Ensure that remote employees are well-informed about data security protocols and compliance regulations relevant to your industry.
  • Implement regular security audits and updates to protect sensitive information.
  • Conduct mandatory training sessions to educate employees about the latest security threats and best practices.

7.  Performance Metrics and Continuous Improvement

Focus on your remote workforce's performance metrics and data analysis. 

  • Regularly collect and analyse data related to remote employee performance, productivity, and key metrics.
  • Use data insights to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance remote work efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Encourage feedback from employees to identify areas where processes or workflows can be optimised.

8.  Encourage Professional Development
  • Support ongoing professional development for your remote workers by providing opportunities for training, skill enhancement, and career growth.
  • Offer access to online courses, certifications, and resources that empower remote employees to excel in their roles and advance their careers.

9.  Create Opportunities for Virtual Team Building

Remote employees shouldn’t miss out on opportunities to feel included and part of the team

  • Organise virtual team-building activities, such as online games, video chats, and team challenges to foster team cohesion and camaraderie.
  • Celebrate employee milestones and achievements virtually, such as work anniversaries or project successes, to maintain a sense of connection and recognition.




In an era where remote work is so prevalent, mastering your remote workforce management is crucial.  Incorporating the above 9 strategies into your remote workforce management approach will help you foster an environment where employees are engaged, motivated, productive and aligned with your company's goals.


At Oncore we understand the challenges and opportunities presented by remote work. We can offer tailored solutions to companies looking to optimise their remote workforce management. Our services encompass comprehensive workforce compliance, payroll solutions, contractor engagement, and robust technology platforms that streamline remote work operations. With our expertise, you can focus on attracting and retaining top talent while we handle the complexities of your remote workforce management. Together, we can ensure your enterprise thrives in this new era of work, harnessing the power of the best remote teams to drive success and innovation.  Contact us today