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Oncore-post-201910-post-3-img-1-350x175-3At Oncore, our goal is to inspire and enable the global workforce to enjoy the freedom of contracting and flexible work.


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Jacqui GrahamMarch 21, 20244 min read

Strategising your Workforce Planning: Understand When to Scale Your Hiring Resources

Workforce planning is no longer just about filling vacant positions, the business world is moving far too fast for that; it's about strategically aligning your human resources with the demands of your organisation's growth and goals. One of the critical aspects of effective workforce planning is knowing precisely when and how to ramp up your hiring resources. 

Here we delve into the indicators and strategies that can help you recognise the right time to boost your hiring efforts.

Analyse Current Workloads and Projections:

Begin by assessing your current workforce's capacity against the workload demands. If your team is consistently stretched thin, struggling to meet deadlines, or sacrificing quality due to overload, it might be time to consider expanding your workforce. Additionally, analyse future projections and anticipated projects to gauge whether your existing team can handle the upcoming workload.

Identify Skill Gaps and Talent Needs:

Conduct a thorough evaluation of your organisation's skill requirements and identify any gaps that exist within your current workforce. Determine whether you need to bring in new talent with specialised skills or expertise to address these gaps. This assessment can help you pinpoint the specific areas where additional hiring resources are necessary.

Monitor Employee Turnover Rates:

High turnover rates can be indicative of various underlying issues within your organisation, such as dissatisfaction, lack of growth opportunities, or poor management.  This turnover can severely disrupt workflow and impact productivity.  If you notice an uptick in employee turnover, it's crucial to investigate the root causes and take corrective actions. 

Leveraging contractors in these circumstances for specific projects or roles can provide stability during periods of turnover, ensuring continuity in operations while permanent replacements are recruited and onboarded. Contractors can fill immediate gaps in staffing without the need for extensive training, minimising the impact of turnover on project timelines and deliverables.

Evaluate Workforce Productivity and Efficiency:

Efficiency and productivity metrics offer valuable insights into your workforce's effectiveness and capacity. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to individual and team productivity, such as output per employee, project completion rates, and time-to-deliverables. A decline in these metrics despite efforts to optimise processes could signal the need for additional manpower.

Assess Market Demand and Industry Trends:

Keep a pulse on market demand and industry trends that could impact your organisation's staffing needs. Changes in consumer behaviour, technological advancements, or regulatory requirements may necessitate adjustments to your workforce composition. By staying informed about external factors, you can proactively anticipate hiring needs and adapt your workforce planning strategies accordingly.

Consider Seasonal or Cyclical Fluctuations:

Many industries experience seasonal or cyclical fluctuations in demand, which can influence staffing requirements. Evaluate historical data and trends to anticipate peak periods or busy seasons where additional staffing may be required to meet heightened demand. Incorporate flexibility into your hiring plans to scale up or down as needed during these periods.

During peak seasons or fluctuating demand cycles, hiring full-time employees is often not cost-effective or practical. Utilising contractors at these times allows organisations to quickly scale their workforce to meet temporary spikes in demand without committing to long-term employment contracts. Contractors can be brought in as needed to supplement existing staff, ensuring sufficient manpower during busy periods while avoiding excess overhead during slower times.

Utilise Predictive Analytics and Forecasting Tools:

Leverage data-driven insights and predictive analytics tools to forecast future workforce needs accurately. These tools can analyse historical data, trends, and various scenarios to predict staffing requirements based on different growth trajectories or business scenarios. By harnessing the power of data analytics, you can make informed decisions about when and how to expand your hiring resources.

Seek Feedback from Managers and Team Members:

Your frontline managers and team members often have valuable firsthand insights into workload challenges, skill gaps, and resource constraints. Encourage open communication and feedback channels to gather input from those directly involved in day-to-day operations. Their feedback can provide valuable context and inform your workforce planning decisions.

Embrace Agile Workforce Strategies:

In the current climate, agility is absolutely vital for staying competitive and adaptable to market changes. Embracing agile workforce strategies involves adopting flexible staffing models, such as contingent workers, freelancers, and project-based teams. By incorporating these flexible workforce options into your workforce planning strategy, you can quickly scale your team up or down as needed, without the long-term commitment or overhead costs associated with traditional hiring. This approach allows organisations to maintain optimal staffing levels while responding swiftly to evolving business needs and market dynamics.

Additionally, leveraging an agile workforce enables organisations to access specialised skills and expertise on-demand, enhancing overall productivity and innovation. As you strategise your workforce planning initiatives, consider the benefits of embracing agile workforce strategies to maximise efficiency and adaptability in today's rapidly changing business environment.


At Oncore, we understand the complexities of workforce planning and offer tailored solutions to help you navigate them seamlessly. Whether you're facing high turnover rates, seasonal fluctuations, or have a need for specialised expertise, our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way. Partner with Oncore Contractor Services today and unlock the flexibility and agility your organisation needs to thrive.