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Oncore-post-201910-post-3-img-1-350x175-3At Oncore, our goal is to inspire and enable the global workforce to enjoy the freedom of contracting and flexible work.


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Jacqui GrahamMarch 12, 20244 min read

Unlocking Success: The Power of Vendor neutrality in your Contingent workforce Management

In the realm of business operations, few functions are as critical as payroll management. Ensuring accurate and timely payment to workers not only maintains organisational morale but also guarantees compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Consequently, selecting a reliable payroll solutions provider becomes crucial for businesses regardless of size. Amidst the numerous options available, one fundamental criterion stands out: VENDOR NEUTRALITY.


What is Vendor Neutrality?

Vendor neutrality is important when choosing a payroll solutions provider. It empowers companies to make informed decisions based on their unique needs, ensuring alignment with organisational objectives, compliance requirements, and budgetary constraints. 

A vendor-neutral service integrates easily with your business, offering its services in a complementary way with all your other providers. For example, a vendor-neutral payroll solutions provider manages workforce payroll needs regardless of how talent is sourced, collaborating seamlessly with your panel of recruitment providers without any conflict of interest.


Why is it Important in Payroll Solutions?

Contingent Workforce programs refers to a company's engagement, payment and management of all non-permanent workers. Organisations often outsource the entire management of this workforce to specialist providers who onboard and pay each worker. Some engage providers who are actually Staffing firms or provide their own talent sourcing services which can have its advantages, but can also present some strong challenges;


  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: 

By prioritising vendor neutrality, a company ensures that the chosen payroll solution aligns with its unique needs and objectives. This eliminates the risk of conflicts of interest that may arise if the provider has affiliations or partnerships with specific vendors.  In particular, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that also offer recruitment services can introduce friction into the process. There is a natural inclination for the MSP to prioritise their own placements over others, potentially leading to biassed recommendations and by default a compromised quality of service. Moreover, such arrangements can create dependencies that limit the client's flexibility, tying them into contracts and arrangements that may not be in their best interest.

  • Tailored Solutions: 

A vendor-neutral approach enables companies to evaluate multiple options thoroughly, free from the potential constraints imposed by those providers with vested interest.  This allows them to select a payroll solution that best fits their requirements in terms of features, scalability, integration capabilities, and budget, without being influenced by any conflicting agendas.

  • Ensuring Compliance: 

Compliance with tax regulations, labour laws, and industry standards is non-negotiable in payroll management. A vendor-neutral provider focuses on offering solutions that prioritise compliance across various jurisdictions, safeguarding the company against legal repercussions. It is their number one core service. 

  • Quality and Innovation: 

Embracing vendor neutrality encourages healthy competition among service providers. This fosters innovation and drives continuous improvement in payroll solutions, ensuring that companies have access to cutting-edge technologies and best practices.


How to Achieve Vendor Neutrality?


  • Comprehensive Assessment: 

Conduct a thorough assessment of your payroll requirements, including current and future needs. Identify key criteria such as functionality, security, support, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Request Proposals: 

Invite proposals from multiple vendors, ensuring they understand your specific needs. Evaluate each proposal objectively, considering factors like system capabilities, implementation process, ongoing support, and total cost of ownership.

  • Client References and Reviews: 

Seek feedback from existing clients of the payroll solutions providers under consideration. Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights into the reliability, responsiveness, and overall satisfaction with the service.

  • Transparent Evaluation: 

Maintain transparency throughout the evaluation process. Document the selection criteria, assessment results, and rationale behind the final decision. This ensures accountability and mitigates any suspicions of favouritism.


Working with Technology that Suits You

At the core of vendor neutrality lies the flexibility to work with technology that suits your organisation best. Whether it's Hiring Managers operating familiar programs on the front line or Procurement teams evaluating solutions for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, a truly vendor-neutral service like Oncore provides seamless integration without disrupting existing infrastructure. Oncore, a leading vendor-neutral service provider, is fully compatible with a range of popular platforms and services, including Recruitment Agencies, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Compliance Checking Software. By collating data from various sources, Oncore minimises administrative load and provides a clearer picture of your position faster.


Complete Transparency is Key

Choosing a vendor-neutral payroll services provider not only keeps your options open with other suppliers but also ensures you receive the most objective, factual account of your workforce rates and on-costs. This transparency allows you to make more informed decisions around your business's finances and work with the best recruiters, whether internal or external.


By prioritising vendor neutrality, companies can navigate the complexity of payroll management with confidence and peace of mind, transforming the way organisations handle payroll. If you're seeking a truly vendor-neutral partner for your business, free from the entanglements and biases of MSPs with conflicting interests, get in touch with us at Oncore, and let us help you optimise your payroll processes for sustainable growth.