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Oncore-post-201910-post-3-img-1-350x175-3At Oncore, our goal is to inspire and enable the global workforce to enjoy the freedom of contracting and flexible work.


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Ambitious keen candidates looking keenly at job opportunities
OncoreAugust 16, 20232 min read

The Value in Recurring Revenue: A Guide for Recruiters

In the recruitment industry, there is a predominant focus on securing new business. Yet, an untapped goldmine that can often go unnoticed is the value in recurring revenue, especially when it comes to managing a Contractor Book. 

Unlike one-time placement fees from permanent roles, placing contractors offers recruiters recurring revenue with every weekly or monthly payout. The true goldmine lies not just in acquiring new business, but in leveraging the consistent revenue that comes from contractor placements.

Let’s dive into the value proposition and explore the compelling reasons why recruiters should start to really focus on this invaluable revenue stream. 

1. Consistent Cash Flow

At its core, recurring revenue provides a consistent and predictable cash flow. Think of it as having a stable salary amidst the otherwise variable income world of recruitment. This stability can be a game-changer for both individual recruiters and the entire agency. It ensures the ability to cover operational costs, empowers scalability, and offers a financial safety net during leaner times.

2. Enhanced Lifestyle

With a steady stream of income, recruiters can enjoy a better work-life balance. There’s a lesser need to be constantly chasing new leads or burning the midnight oil to close a deal. A robust Contractor Book provides the luxury of a steady income, granting recruiters more time for their other interest and commitments and even invest time in their own personal development and upskilling. It’s a win-win where one can earn while also having the liberty to live.  

3. Heightened Business Valuation

Recurring revenue models enhance the overall valuation of a recruitment business. When it comes time to sell or merge, a firm with strong recurring revenue streams is perceived as less risky to potential buyers. This higher valuation can lead to better exit opportunities and increased profits when transitioning out of the business.

4. Stronger Client Relationships

Maintaining a Contractor Book means nurturing long-term relationships with clients. This often translates to a deeper understanding of client needs, leading to better service offerings. In turn, satisfied clients become loyal partners, frequently providing referrals and bolstering the business's reputation in the marketplace.

5. Sustained Business Growth

Recurring revenue sets the stage for sustained growth. With a steady cash flow, agencies can reinvest in their business, whether it's in the form of better tools, training, or marketing initiatives. This proactive investment, backed by the security of regular income, propels the business towards exponential growth.

6. Reduced Operational Strain

Imagine the operational demands of constantly onboarding new clients versus maintaining existing ones. The latter is usually less resource-intensive. By focusing on their Contractor Book, recruiters can reduce the time, money, and effort spent on acquisition, directing their energies instead to service enhancement.

7. A Competitive Edge

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, having a robust recurring revenue model can be a unique selling point. It not only showcases the firm's stability but also its commitment to long-term client partnerships, both of which are attractive propositions to potential clients.  


While the joy of securing a fresh client or placing a candidate in a permanent role remains unmatched, it's crucial to recognise the unparalleled stability and growth potential that contractor placements provide. This recurring revenue avenue not only ensures consistent earnings but also promises a more fulfilling, balanced, and rewarding professional path.

It's not just about the new; it's about building and nurturing for the long term.  Interested in the potential of maximising this opportunity? Reach out to Oncore for more insights and assistance to elevate your agency's potential.