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Nick Bancroft2 min read

I need to get new clients, where do I start? 5 ways to get new clients

The recruitment industry thrives on relationships, both in a literal and figurative sense. Many new business owners establish themselves by fostering connections with a handful of reliable clients. However, identifying new partnerships and acquiring new clients for your recruitment agency can be challenging.


This challenge is faced by both new and established recruitment agencies. Regardless of where your business stands, prospecting new clients is crucial for achieving and sustaining success. Here are five strategies to help you prospect and acquire new clients for your recruitment agency, enabling you to build enduring relationships.



  • Utilise Candidate Relationships

Meeting your clients' hiring needs relies on having a pool of qualified candidates. Similarly, building strong relationships with your candidates is crucial. When engaging with a new candidate, always inquire if they have previously worked with a recruiter and if a recruiter has placed them in any past positions.


This approach can benefit you in several ways: it sets clear expectations for how your partnership will support their job search, and it helps you identify businesses that collaborate with recruitment agencies. For instance, if Candidate A was placed at XYZ company by a competing recruitment agency, you now have a potential lead for a new prospective client, knowing they are receptive to working with recruitment firms.


  • Utilise Job Boards

Job boards have evolved beyond just serving candidates; they now assist recruiting and recruitment agencies in identifying new businesses.


When companies post job openings on their websites or public job boards, they often use the original job description with minimal changes. By searching for the complete job posting or specific parts of it, you might find results that lead you directly to the end client, presenting a potential new lead for your agency.


  • Request Referrals

The success of sales can hinge on your willingness to ask for referrals from previous clients. Don’t limit yourself to seeking referrals only from clients you have successfully closed deals with.


Consider reaching out to clients you worked with but who didn’t make a purchase, especially if you established a good relationship with them. These clients may have been unable to proceed due to timing, approvals, or budget constraints.


Additionally, think about contacts who have recently moved to new companies; they can provide valuable insights into the right person to contact at their current or former organisation.


  • Conduct Research

Investigate your competition. Examine their websites for client testimonials or partnership logos.


Few companies maintain exclusive contracts with a single recruitment agency; many sign multiple contracts to increase their chances of filling vacancies. Even if they already have a partnership with your competitors, they might still be open to working with additional firms.


  • Network

Utilise your network, drawing on previous client relationships, LinkedIn connections, or even a former colleague from your first-ever job. These connections are invaluable for discovering new business opportunities.


No matter how tenuous the link is, having a connection can make the difference between being lost among 300 other recruitment agencies and being directly referred to the COO.