Simplified management of your flexible workforce

Partner with Oncore to simplify the management of your flexible workforce, including procurement, contracts, timesheets and payments. Our technology and back-office services, matured over 25 years, will provide a sense of confidence and freedom as we take the complexity out of your contracting experience.

Pay your flexible workforce with peace of mind.

Keeping you compliant and secure, enjoy peace of mind when paying flexible workers with our highly configurable platform. A simple and intuitive process provides managing staff with the necessary visibility and permissions to quickly action approved payments.


Trusted and loved by contractors world-wide

"Oncore, since day one have always put me first and worked impeccably to provide me with the finest of their services!" - Tyler, VIC

"Great service delivered by great people enabled by a great company" - Neil, QLD

"11 hassle free years of Oncore handling my contracts, invoicing and payments," Gary, NSW

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Contractor Extensions - Retain your top talent for 2023
Locking your contractors in for a contract extension pre-Christmas is the smartest thing you can do as a company and, as a recruitment agency running a contract book.  Why?  The... read more

Published 22nd November 2022

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Data Security for Recruiters – How to Keep your Clients Safe
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Recruiter Spotlight - James GWG Recruitment
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Published 27th September 2022

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A total talent strategy needs a different mindset
The world of work is constantly changing from advanced technology in the workplace to the expansion of the workforce to include all types of flexible talent. The COVID-19 crisis accelerated... read more

Published 01st September 2022

Attracting the Right People in a Talent Short Market
It’s hard out there for recruiters and hiring managers. While in the past, businesses have acknowledged a skills shortage in Australia – particularly in the technology sector – it’s only... read more

Published 26th August 2022

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