Oncore was founded over 20 years ago, by a professional IT contractor. Brenton's passion for contracting fuelled the success of Oncore's ECM as one of the first cloud-based contractor management platforms.

Today, Oncore manages all aspects of contractor payroll and administration, insurances and debt-funding for recruitment agencies and corporations and provide salary packaging solutions for individuals.

Oncore operates with more than 50 staff across the globe, based in offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Sunshine Coast in Australia and London in the UK as well as Auckland, in New Zealand.

Why Oncore? Because we get it. Contracting is in our blood.

The reasons why we do what we do

Offices across AU, NZ and UK

Only as strong as our network

We’re committed to delivering cutting edge technology for contractor management.

Custom-built software for contractor management

Integrations to help you optimise the contracting experience