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Oncore Recruiter Spotlight – 3D Commercial

Published 29th July 2020
We sat down with Paul Conway, founder of recruitment firm 3D Commerical, for our new Recruiter Spotlight series.
Interview with Paul Conway | Founder 3D Commerical Recruitment Agency
Interviewed by Oncore’s Client Solutions Manager Luke Cottom.


Hi Paul. Thanks for joining us. What was the key catalyst behind you setting up the business and going out on your own?

Well, I knew I wanted to leave my previous role and explore new options. I then thought about what I really wanted to do (basically brainstormed with myself) and decided the correct path for me was to go and set up my own business, rather than having to work for someone else.

What type of role is 3D Commercial best placed to source for your clients?

Anything project-based. Site managers, contract administrators, project managers right through to general managers, of construction businesses. Visit 3D Commerical’s website here.

What do you think sets 3D Commercial apart from your competitors?

I suppose right now it’s me! I have worked in construction myself, hands-on, so I appreciate what it looks like from the ground level. But then I’ve also been into businesses and worked alongside companies to see exactly how they operate and understand them a little bit better from all levels.

I think some other companies don’t necessarily have that level of understanding or offer that service – and I think that’s really what sets 3D Commercial apart.

Is there an instance that jumps to mind where you have been able to help a client save a project from not being delivered?

There are probably multiple instances where that has happened. One that comes to mind is early on a Sunday morning, I got a call from a client who needed a guy for the night shift for the next three months… start that night!

So I had to go straight into the office that morning, get on the phone, speak to the people I’ve been speaking to over the last few weeks to see who was still available, even the people that I had been presenting for roles during that week.  I managed to find someone, got them interviewed on-site that day as a site manager, and then they were able to start straight away that night.

That person has been working with me for the last 3 years, and I recently placed them in another role and they have since gone permanent in that position, so it’s been a real success all round.

That doesn’t really sound like a nice relaxing Sunday for you?

Haha, yes – perhaps not. But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to deliver for your clients.

What’s been the biggest impact of recent events (COVID) in your industry?

Fortunately, we’ve been blessed I suppose, construction has continued. Recruitment, not so much. A lot of roles have been put on hold. There is also the uncertainty, so the usual flow of people leaving businesses and the requirement of replacing has decreased. Across the board, there has certainly been an impact, but nowhere near other industries for example travel and tourism.

Where do you see the market for contracting heading in the next 12 months?

I think certainly in construction, we’ll see a lot more contract positions or temporary roles come around. History will repeat itself I’d expect – in the GFC we saw a lot more contingent workers from there and I suspect that will happen again. That’s what I’m hearing from some of the clients that I’ve been speaking to over the last few weeks.

Even companies who wouldn’t ordinarily look to hire contract or temporary workers will require people to come on board and get the projects in. Rather than paying fees and taking people on permanently (with overheads long term) they can still have great people involved in the projects to help them deliver for their clients.


Why did you decide to use Oncore as a partner to help with the contracting side of your business?

I think partnering with Oncore has been really positive for me – having them take away all the stress and the administration of onboarding contractors, chasing up timesheets and even invoices for clients if it’s required. That takes away the bother of me having to do all that and gives me time to really focus on what I am supposed to be doing, which is helping out my clients

I really like Oncore’s model that everything is under one roof, and by that I mean the timesheet portal and the financing is all under one roof which is great. The fact that you are calling one company and you are only having to deal with one team.  Unlike others on the market, who are using a number of different businesses to manage contractors. It has actually transpired for me that Oncore’s way is the much better way to operate.


If you would like to reach out to Paul Conway you can find him on LinkedIn, email or visit his website here.

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