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Oncore sponsors the Internal Talent Awards 2020

Published 14th October 2020
Oncore is excited to be partnering with the inaugural event as sponsors for the Candidate Experience Award.

Meet our own Chief People Officer Melissa Thomas and get our take on:

1. What we think the ITA’s will bring to the industry
2. What we are looking for in the Candidate Experience nominees.
3. Our predictions for the industry in 2021!

Nominations close on Friday 16th October: you can submit entries here. 

The awards will be held on November 19th via a virtual ceremony. Register for free here.

What our short video below.

What does Oncore Services think the ITAs will bring to Australia’s Talent Acquisition industry?

We can’t believe this is the first of its kind! We’re delighted to be a part of it and thank you to Craig and Lauren from TaPOD for the initiative. We think the awards will provide much-needed recognition to the important role that TA and Recruitment play, to the entire industry of HR and Workforce management. It also showcases the breadth of experience and expertise required in the industry and reinforces the importance of attracting top talent to your companies – raising the bar for all TA teams.

We think it will also bring attention to the wonderful work that TA/Recruitment has done in what has been the most challenging time we have ever faced.

What will you be looking for in the Candidate Experience Award?

At Oncore we’re regularly onboarding hundreds of contractors so we know how important it is to get the experience right, for both permanent and non-permanent workers. We also see the value of the candidate experience as it stretches across the attraction of brand new candidates and the re-attraction of past candidates too.

We’ll be looking for examples where candidates are treated like rock-stars; where their experience with your company is personal, helpful, and constructive even if they don’t make it all the way through.

We believe this can be achieved through the effective use of technology, a collaboration between suppliers and an overall focus on the candidate’s journey by the entire team.

As award sponsors, we also wanted to highlight the importance of candidate experience especially in this time when all our normal processes have been impacted – whether that means finding new ways to manage increased applications or the challenges of interviewing and onboarding remotely. So many of us have been required to adjust the way we do things. So we’d like to see the nominations cover just some great examples of how your team has been able to overcome these challenges and keep your candidate smiling.

What is Oncore Services’ predictions for our industry in 2021?

After a year of incredible challenges and change, we predict 2021 will be a time the industry comes of age. Talent and recruitment have been seen as ancillary to the overall business for a long time, but it will be more important than ever in the coming years.

Attracting the right talent and driving employer branding to do so, will mean that TA will become a critical part of future workforce planning and development.

The past year has seen popular concepts like culture fit being replaced with culture add and enhance as we learn to embrace more diversity and different ways of working.

Talent will collaborate at a more strategic level with other departments and units and have a deeper involvement in the management of internal processes, projects and spend to achieve workforce goals and outcomes.

It’s time for talent to shine!


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