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The Future of Work – Millennials, Generation Z & Beyond

Published 19th December 2019

The future of the workforce is here, and it’s looking for something different. Millennials and Gen Z aren’t satisfied with the slow career progressions that their parents experienced, instead looking for new ways of working that better suit the way they want to structure their world.

Of particular note is a general drive by both generations towards flexibility and independence within their working lives. The younger generations are expected to change jobs four times before they’re 32 and experience several career shifts in their lifetime.

So what is different about the future working generations and how do organisations need to prepare now to ensure the best outcomes for future talent?

1. Focus on flexibility

Flexibility is a term that has been a hot topic in all areas of business over the past few years. A large portion of flexible work is attributed to working parents who require shorter working days or working from home arrangements. There is an uptake of flexible work however, for others simply for the lifestyle benefits and working benefits i.e. improved mental health, increased efficiencies. Not only are more candidates demanding flexibility in their work arrangements, but the ease of instant online communication between teams, across geographical borders is resulting in the establishment of more flexible employment options. There is an uptake in platforms like Slack within organisations to foster collaboration from anywhere which suits the younger generation, who were born into a world of instant chat.

2. Trend to gig jobs amid job uncertainty

Simultaneously, the memory of the Global Financial Crisis is strong in both Millennials and Gen Z, and previously safe industries are at constant risk of disruption or obsolescence, resulting in a general concern about the long-term security of their jobs.

It’s safe to say that new generations are hungry for fresh opportunity, new experiences and the chance to learn on the job. Gen Z in particular are more prone to search out opportunities for self-employment or side hustles. The notion that we should rely on one job or career to take us through our entire working lives and support us through to retirement is unrealistic in this new world. Being able to cultivate multiple streams of income is becoming the norm with the rise of gig work.

3. Embrace technology like never before

Generation Z are the first ever, truly digitally native generation. While Millenials will remember fondly the days of dial up internet and mp3 players, Gen Z have simply grown up with a smartphone in their hand. Technology is changing the way live our lives from the moment we wake up and scroll through instagram to how we order food, how we interact with one another, and of course, the way we work.

Technology is allowing us to find and recruit workers from all around the world, conduct LIVE interviews (even interviews via robots) and staff on-boarding can be done effectively through online tools. Gen Z, like Millennials before them will want to use technology in the workplace that’s is available to access from any laptop or mobile. They will want to be able to claim work expenses and fill in time-sheets easily on any device, through user friendly interfaces and quick and timely notifications.

It’s important to note that communication and community are still critical to the ongoing working relationship between management and the new generation so it’s important to be as visible as possible. Using technology to facilitate projects across teams is vital, but so is the use of technology for building relationships and openness of multi-way communication.

Developing the capabilities

At Oncore, we believe the trend towards the contractor lifestyle will only increase with the emergence Gen Z in the workforce, resulting in the need for organisations to prepare their systems and processes to not only accommodate but to enable this workforce to thrive. In doing so, leaders in every kind of industry will be ensuring they get the most out of their future talent.

If you’d like to know more about how you can future-proof your company and empower the talent of tomorrow, speak with us at Oncore. We provide the services and back-office technology you need so you can attract and retain the best and the brightest minds.