Oncore Technology offers a leading-edge flexible workforce management platform for your organisation without lockin or subscription fees.


Utilising a rolling release strategy, you’ll enjoy the latest features of a constantly evolving SwaS platform designed to provide your team with all the tools necessary to procure, contract, timesheet and pay your contractors.


Partner with Oncore to have peace of mind compliance and management of your flexible workforce.


  • Procurement
  • Timesheets
  • Project tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Taxes & Compliance
  • Payments
  • Expenses
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Oncore technology offers a simplified process for procuring additional flexible workers to power your upcoming or ongoing projects. Designed as an end to end placement workflow, line managers can create new positions, request approval, and onboard with all compliance checks undertaken.


  • One platform for the requisition of your flexible workforce
  • Visibility of the end to end placement and onboarding process
  • Worker compliance with all necessary checks undertaken
  • Configurable contracts with auto-generation of timesheets
  • A dashboard showing your flexible worker headcount and cost
  • Reliable worker payments against your nominated pay cycle


Oncore offers an integrated timesheet application that facilitates secure timesheet submission and approval through our online portal. Our flexible system provides customised contract dates, rates and many more features.


  • The software offers 24/7 real-time visibility of contractors from any electronic device
  • Ensured secure access for contractors and approvers
  • Time can be tracked against jobs and budgets
  • Fully automated distribution of timesheets and invoices
  • Fully customised Contract dates and rates
  • Approval can be managed in-house or by third parties

Project tracking

Oncore technology allows you to better manage project costs, with transparent project tracking enabling you to create projects easily and allocate jobs. This process ensures projects are managed separately, making it simple to connect workers to specific jobs, so their time is accurately tracked and monitored.


  • Create projects and allocate jobs to them
  • Work entries can be allocated to jobs via the online timesheet process
  • Easy and convenient for contractors to allocate a job number to a work entry
  • The time and budget of every individual project can be easily managed, allowing for up-to-date tracking and monitoring through Oncore for project comparison


Our fully integrated software removes the stress of managing invoices. Timesheets are automatically invoiced and electronically distributed based on your customised invoicing cycle. We support consolidated invoicing with manual processing to ensure clean, straightforward paperwork.


  • Invoices are automatically distributed based on your customised invoicing cycle
  • The invoicing cycle can be customised to optimise your business process
  • A third party can verify invoices before reaching your client
  • Our software will fully integrate with your accounting system for data importation
  • Customised invoice recovery plans are available
  • Automatic chasing of payment with debtor management follow-up

Taxes & Compliance

Compliance can be complex – Oncore’s corporate tax filing system makes it easy for you while putting valuable time and resources back in your pocket. Our corporate tax filing system provides easy management of your regulatory requirements without high labour costs, allowing you to realise the total value of your contingent workforce. We ensure you have essential documentation in place provided by advanced corporate income tax software to minimise risks for you and your contractors.


  • The software offers real-time visibility of contractors, 24/7, from any electronic device
  • Secure access is available to contractors and approvers
  • Time can be tracked against jobs and budgets
  • The distribution of timesheets and invoices is fully automated
  • Contract dates and rates are fully customised
  • Approval can be managed in-house or by third parties


Oncore’s contractor management software provides all the support and flexibility you need to effectively manage your contractors’ payroll. Our fully integrated system creates unique payroll schedules for each contractor, automatically converting them into salary payments. Our service includes electronic batch files for bank uploads and fully incorporated tax tables for accurate withholding calculations.


  • Scalable payroll software to support multiple clients and contractors, regardless of your company’s size
  • A complete configurable system, based on the frequency and/or contract arrangements
  • Payments for your contractors are accurate, on time, every time
  • Unique payroll schedules are created for each contractor or employee and automatically converted into salary payments
  • Electronic batch files for bank uploads and fully incorporated tax tables
  • Detailed PAYG payment confirmation reports sent after salary payments are completed
  • Reduced risk of fraud during and after contract periods
  • RCTI compliant for ABN authorised suppliers


Oncore’s tailored software supports salary packaging and client-reimbursed expenses from online submission to approval and payment. Our salary packaging platform supports novated car leases and general car expenditure, travel per diem, relocation and living away from home allowance, tax-exempt expenses and general work expenses. Client reimbursed costs are attached to a timesheet, allowing streamlined approval and invoicing.


  • Oncore supports salary packaging and client reimbursed expenses
  • Client reimbursed expenses are attached to a timesheet, allowing for streamlined approval and invoicing
  • Having electronic expenses eliminates the administrative labour of scanning, collating and copying expense items manually
  • Approvers are automatically notified of expenses that require approval

Connect our technology with a host of existing platforms

Our technology, your brand.

Oncore has developed proprietary Oracle software that is 100% hosted and complemented by a web-based interface. This is designed to provide flexibility and reliability of workflows and service delivery.

Our white label solutions work transparently behind your business to ensure your clients stay connected to your brand. Accessible via a unique customised URL set up through your website, all documentation carries your brand, including invoices and account collections. This means our solutions will help to build your brand.

Our online portal simplifies the entire contracting process with unique and secure logins that are fully configurable based on your access needs. We ensure you have 24/7 access to all your essential contracting information. Effectively manage your contracts and contractors in real time, as we give you the knowledge to improve efficiencies across your business and stay on top of your contracting engagements.

"The communication, professionalism and the entire process from the outset has been great! The portal is hassle-free and user-friendly too. Thank you for your high level of service." - Kurt, Safety Manager